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Sparkle Blue Fabric Wrapping

Thank You!

Some of you know that Evergreen Wrapping had really just launched, right before Covid hit. When we realized the need for masks and national shortage of fabric, we chopped up our inventory to make fabric masks.

Thanks to all of you who have bought masks from Evergreen over the past few months. We appreciate you helping us keep people employed during this difficult time. And hopefully our cheerful fabrics have helped brighten things just a bit.

Now, thankfully, things have improved enough where we are switching back to production of fabric wrapping, our primary purpose. (We’ll keep making some masks for a while, too.)

Why fabric gift wrapping? Because countless tons of wrapping paper ends up in landfills every year.

Our mission is to provide a beautiful, easy-to-use, durable alternative, which truly can last dozens of years with basic care.

Your holiday celebrations can be fun, festive, AND environmentally friendly.

We aren’t sharing this far and wide yet because we are still tweaking a few of our online and marketing systems. But the beautiful fabric wrapping shown below is now available for sale here.

We have more gorgeous fabrics on their way leading into this year’s holiday season. But know that supply chains are problematic right now for just about every company including ours. Quantities will be limited. So if you like it, I encourage you not to wait.

All of our products are sewn in Texas.

Again, many thanks to all who have supported Evergreen these past several months. We will always remember and appreciate it.